Albert Igolnikov

Assistant Principle Violin at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, USA

“Your violins has as beautiful tone quality as the Guadagnini, but a more powerful projection. I use it now in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Chicago Pro Musica, and for solo playing. In my opinion you are the most talented and accomplished contemporary string instrument maker in the world.”

Alice Joy Lewis

Director of Ottawa Suzuki Strings

“Thank you so much for your continued kindness to the Ottawa Suzuki Strings program. Your regular help with our instrument.”

Amanda Rist

Violinist at the Las Cruces Symphony

“I would like to take the time to express my gratitude and comment you for my 1990 Tambovsky model. Since buying the violin, I have been overwhelmed with its natural, stunning, and dark, warm tone. With the Tambovsky violins, I have been able to musically express myself and bring the soul of the violin to the surface. The quality of the instrument is not comparable to others, due to the fact that there are no existing luthiers on the same caliber as Nikolai Tambovsky. Only through the hands of not only a luthier, but also an experienced violinist, can an instrument if such divine structure be created. A Nikolai Tambovsky violin brings out the very depth of the human soul, converting it into the world wide expressive language of music. Being a professional violinist of the Las Cruces Symphony, my violin is able to bring and enrich the ensemble with a warm, rich tone that warns the audiences’ heart. I have owned my violin for four years and would never even think of owning anything other than Nikolai Tambovsky violin. The Stradivarius has been one of the finest violins since the late 17th century; the Nikolai Tambovsky violin surpasses all others, to commend the name of the 21st century equivalent to the Stradivarius.”

Franco Gulli


Professor of the violin at the Indiana University in Bloomington, USA

“I am very happy with the beautiful instrument and play it very often.”

LaVonne McDaniel

Suzuki Teacher Association

“Thank you very much for the beautiful instruments my students are playing on. I appreciate your time and care you take with each family. I look forward to hearing many more beautiful sounds in the future in my studio. We are very fortunate to live so close to such a talented violin maker and shop.”

Michael Kopelman

Professor at The Eastman School of Music

“It’s a pleasure to play on extraordinary instruments made by Nikolai Tambovsky.”

Mischa Maisky

Cellist and Soloist

“Wish you all my very best wishes!”

Oleh Krysa


Top Prize Winner at the Tchaikovsky, Weiniawski and Paganini Competitions
Professor of violin at the Eastman School of Music -Rochester, New York

“In all of my years of playing I have never heard a modern instrument that was comparable to my Petrus Guarnerious except for the violins of Nikolai Tambovsky. When I first played on his new instrument, I noticed an unusually beautiful and rich tone. But to my surprise with the passing weeks of playing on the violin, the sound became even more focused, powerful, and just kept on getting better with time.”

Kira Harel


“My daughter loves her violin – received a scholarship from Knox College in Illinois and mad the KS State Orchestra.”

Steven Elisha


Teacher Topeka University

“Nikolai Tambovsky’s cellos are consistently well made and have his spirit in their sound.”

Tiberius Klausner

Proffesor of Music and Artist-in-Residence
Concertmaster of Kansas City Symphony

“I had occasion to see, play and evaluate several of his musical instruments and feel qualified to somment specifically on these ivolins. I was impressed with their beautiful creaftmanship and remarcable tone quality. They creatainly compare most favorably with the best instruments made today. I would have no hesitation in recommending thesefine instruments to my students and colleagues.”

Debby Seler


“Thanks a million for your instrument in my children! I am praying that god will increase your business sales and your personal lives. You are touching people’s lives because when my children play their violins in churches and in ministries part of you are ministering to hunting people. We are grateful.”

Vadim Repin

Violinist and Soloist

“Wish you all of my best wishes and warmest regards!”

Zino Vinnikov

Professor and Soloist

Former Concertmaster of Leningrad Philharmonic and Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

“In my opinion, Mr. Tambovsky is one of the best living violin makers. He makes new violins with brilliant acoustic qualities. His instruments are very powerful, rich in color and sound, and react very sensibly to the performer’s demand.”



“Your violins a wonderful instrument. Gorgeous to look at and beautiful to hear – it is most certainly a work of art. I feel fortunate to be able to play such nice violins and for making them accessible to musicians. Your violins will elevate the level of the music arts by giving their beautiful sounds. Thank you!”

Nicole Morris


“Thank you so much for the be and the violin. I really liked your shop and enjoy my playing!”

Ruth Monson


“I want to tell you how happy we are with our daughter’s violin by Nikolai Tambovsky. The sound of the violin in incredibly beautiful. I always enjoy it when she lets me tune her instrument – I love to play it! We don’t have to beg her to practice because she enjoys playing her violin so much. I would strongly recommend a violin or any instrument by Nikolai Tambovsky. Their family – run business has great customer service – quick, friendly, efficient.”

Richard Trimmell

Captain at The Salvation Army

“On behalf of the Salvation Army, thank you for your recent generous gift of violins for your music program, and for our discounts which participate and appreciate music in their lives. This is an outlet through which many young people can learn skills which will help them all through their lives, and which most of those who come to us would never have such an opportunity without the caring and sharing of many friends.”

Yuri Merzhevsky

Soloist Violin Instructor

International Laureate

“I am writing to you to express my sincere enthusiasm regarding the violin I received from you recently. I am currently using your instrument in all my professional endeavors including orchestra and solo performances. Having won an international competition in 1984 and having played many high-quality violins, I find the standard and craftsmanship of this new instrument to be of suburb quality. Two of my students are currently using violins made by you and they love your instruments as much as I do. It is my hope that more of my students will use your instruments in the future. I look forward to using more of your beautiful violins and wish you much success and geed health.”

Mrs. Rene Piotrowski

“Our daughter, Cindy, has informed us that she is very excited about the violin you made. She had several of the Eastman violin faculty, her former teacher here in Detroit, her fellow students, and Emmanuelle Boisvert (Concertmaster of the Detroit Symphony) play your instrument. Everyone was very pleased with the fine quality of the violin. It sounded wonderful in Orchestra Hall here in Detroit.”

Sheila McCain

“I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how I love my violin. My memory and technique are really returning quietly. Please except this as my enforcement of your violin at Kansas State University. I had quite a name there in the 1960’s and my father was president for 26 years. You’ve made me a happier person. Best of regards to you.”

Michael Karlsson

Concertmaster Violinist

Gothenburg Symphony

“After playing your violins, I was happily surprised to discover that their beautifully rich quality of sound was coupled with an extraordinary powerful tone that carried out into the concert hall. The craftsmanship is of excellent quality and I am more than happy to exclusively rely on Tambovsky violins for my chamber music, orchestral and solo performances.”

Ilya Kaler

“I think these instruments correspond to the highest standards and will satisfy the needs of a solo performer, chamber music player or orchestral musician.”

Philip Santos

San Francisco Symphony Orchestra

“This is a beautiful violin you have made! The sound of the violin is sweet, warn, and thick. The timbre is perfect and the focus improves daily. I love to play it and look at it. It was very nice talking to you. I look forward to meeting you and seeing, also playing, more of your wonderful instruments.”