Why one violin together with bow and case costs $150 and another $10,000 and above?

by Nikolai Tambovsky

My name is Nikolai Tambovsky, I have a Master degree as a violinist and violin teacher, and also I have 40 years experience of Violin making. I produce violin, viola, cello and sometimes on request double basses. Already for 29 years since 1990, I work in USA. I started in New York and now I work and live in Florida.

The most frequently asked question for me during all my work, is why violins have such different cost the cheapest around $150 including a bow and a case, expensive modern Violin price around $10.000-$20.000 thousand and above.

Prefer A Terrific Stringed Here in Florida Violin Shop!

by Nikolai Tambovsky

You’ll see the huge assortment of new and antique instrument in Florida violin store with us here in "Violin Store". We have our lineup of proficient and knowledgeable staff prepared to suggest and advise you in gradual ways through the method of picking the precise instruments and accessories for your genre and proficiency level. Come, drop by, once you’re all set to embark.

Students & Parents

by Nikolai Tambovsky

Discover the joy of being a beginning, intermediate, and advanced student on a Tambovsky custom-made or re-mastered violin, viola, or cello. As a student, one achieves a higher level of sound and tone production with less overall practice time as the instruments speak so well.

Many teachers encourage their students to purchase Tambovsky’s instruments as they see better and faster results in their students as well as more joy in practicing. The students enjoy practicing because they’re reaching spectacular results and glorious sound. Contact us for information on student purchase, trade-in and rental programs.


by Nikolai Tambovsky

The violin and its family are unique, as no other instrument is as close to the range and timbre of the human voice. This sound is comparable to the 17th century Italian bel canto style, which is the pinnacle of singing. Its characteristic are richness, warmth, softness of timbre, and depth. The Cremonese masters were the closest to reproducing that sound in their instruments.

Their spirits and ideas are alive in Nikolai Tambovsky violins, violas, cellos, basses, and baroque instruments. Performers use them woldwide because they have the intensity and power to fill a concert hall while holding the richness and soul of the bel canto sound.

Wishing The Most Super Instruments? Deal With Us!

by Nikolai Tambovsky

Do you want to purchase a violin? Well, we make it easy and conducive for you. The owner, Nikolai Tambovsky Is one of the best violin maker. Therefore, we are here to deliver the most superb instruments that you ever think of.

We have an amazing variety of first-rate and rare violins plus a huge collection of reasonably priced instruments from apprentice through the expert level of play. Even our repair shop will take the effort and care to check that your instrument serves you well.