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Nikolai Tambovsky

Discover the joy of being a beginning, intermediate, and advanced student on a Tambovsky custom-made or re-mastered violin, viola, or cello. As a student, one achieves a higher level of sound and tone production with less overall practice time as the instruments speak so well.

Many teachers encourage their students to purchase Tambovsky’s instruments as they see better and faster results in their students as well as more joy in practicing. The students enjoy practicing because they’re reaching spectacular results and glorious sound. Contact us for information on student purchase, trade-in and rental programs.

Start with an Instrument of Professional Quality

As Master Luthier Nikolai Tambovsky has been a student himself, studying to achieve a pinnacle of performance as a professional violin soloist and professional violin teacher, he knows the challenges a student faces achieving the sound that seems so elusive.

Nikolai has devoted a great deal of time and energy into producing his student instruments, whether it be a 1/16 to full size instrument with a sound, tone, and resonance that is found in his highest- priced instruments played upon by professionals in the international music world. His instruments will catapult your student to achieve his/her personal max at an affordable price.

Parents throughout the country whose children play upon these wonderful instruments are proud of their children as many of them have won top positions in youth orchestras, soloist competitions, and are able to do well on college entrance auditions.