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Nikolai Tambovsky

Do you want to purchase a violin? Well, we make it easy and conducive for you. The owner, Nikolai Tambovsky Is one of the best violin maker. Therefore, we are here to deliver the most superb instruments that you ever think of.

We have an amazing variety of first-rate and rare violins plus a huge collection of reasonably priced instruments from apprentice through the expert level of play. Even our repair shop will take the effort and care to check that your instrument serves you well.

Even though you are renovating a beloved piece or preserving the sound and experience that you love, our team will continue the music in your life sounding the manner it should. Whereas the exquisiteness of each instrument is cautiously preserved, as well.

Successful performers rent from us and we lend out merely excellent instruments. Each instrument is skillfully furnished, attuned and tested in our workshop to ensure that it has the finest resonance and playability. We are dedicated to the thought that every beginning learner ought to have an instrument that can facilitate them in studying how to play.

Budding apprentices need excellent accelerating instruments that will allow proficiency of performances. Highly developed players require an ample assortment of quality instruments with various aspects with the aim of connecting with the instrument in order that both the player and the instrument can attain their aptitude. We present affordable instruments that meet your requirements at every intensity.

This site is mainly a help for our would be purchasers so please feel free to get in touch with us. We do that by competently offering the optimum quality violin as one of west palm beach shops at notable price points. We are frequently aiming to present the supreme quality instruments and resolutely think that we offer the best products at as good as or cheaper prices.

This enables us to supply an advanced value to our clients! Indeed, we wish to recognize how we can assist you at every turn. Kindly contact us if this sounds like the sort of company you would like to deal with.