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Beautiful violins, the quality is also very good for the prices, my teacher was impressed with the one I showed her. Mr. Tambovsky is very professional and knowledgeable about what he's selling, i would recommend this place to anyone in the area.
I feel so pleasant !! There are many luthiers in S. FL.....but I was looking for someone special to repair a family violin had not been played in decades. Any luthier can do that...but within seconds of meeting Mr. Tambovsky I knew I was in the presence of a master. His talent, passion, love for music... his brilliant craftsmanship ...he not only left me with a perfectly restored violin...he inspired me! We need more people in the world like Mr. Tambovsky!
Mr. Tambovsky was excellent. He took the time to explain everything, answer all of our questions, & then helped us make the choice that was best for us. He’s very knowledgeable and extremely kind. We had a great experience and would highly recommend his store and his expertise.
The owner is super kind, the prices are excellent, and there are many options. I 100% recommend
I enjoyed spending time talking with Nikolai. What an amazing person! I'm so happy I found him to restore my antique violin, and I am anxious to begin playing it. Thank you!
I am indeed fortunate to have found Nicolai Tambovsky, a world class luthier, working in West Palm Beach-- and I would travel much farther the 20 minute drive from my house to have him work on my 250 year old viola!

I had taken both my violas to Mr. Tambovsky for cleaning and small repairs, but this time my antique, German viola had two serious cracks, one below rhe fingerboard and the other parallel to the first. I had carelessly put the viola in its case without removing the shoulder pad, which apparently caused enough pressure on the surface of the viola to caused the cracks.

I honestly despaired of a good outcome for this repair, but Mr. Tambovsky demonstrated again his expertise and knowledge. My viola is better than new (well, as new as a 250 year old can be!) And the repairs are not noticeable.

I am deeply grateful to Mr. Tambovsky. I must add that in addition to his expertise as a luthier, Mr. Tambovsky is an extremely kind and respectful person with a great deal of knowledge about string instruments due to his career and exceptional training as a violinist.
I recently brought my violin to Nikolai Tambovsky for some minor repair / servicing and I could not be happier. Once I entered Mr. Tambovsky’s shop I knew I had chosen an expert, I highly recommend him!
What a wonderful, friendly, nice, sweet gentleman. Thanks Nicolai for a beautiful experience buying our daughters first violins. Was really pleasant to meet you!
From the moment we read about Nikolai Tambovsky we knew he was the right person for the job- We brought in my Grandfather’s violin, made for him in Italy in 1924- it needed some repair and restoration, which was done by a true master luthier. I cannot recommend Tambovsky Strings enough especially with something that holds such sentimental value- Nikolai was fair and honest, and truly one of the last great experts in this field!
Nikolai did a fantastic job on my cello the finger board was warped I took it to other places that told me it couldn’t be fixed. Nickoli looked at it and said he could do it it was a big job. He had to cut it out in pieces sand and straighten the neck and put a new finger board in. Like a transplant. It took about 2 months but from now on nobody works on my cello but Nikolai
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