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Nikolai did a fantastic job on my cello the finger board was warped I took it to other places that told me it couldn’t be fixed. Nickoli looked at it and said he could do it it was a big job. He had to cut it out in pieces sand and straighten the neck and put a new finger board in. Like a transplant. It took about 2 months but from now on nobody works on my cello but Nikolai
Wonderful professional with lots of love and passion for string instruments! Offers exceptional advice and service for all things strings!
I am a violin teacher. I brought my violin, which I had dropped and broken, into this shop. Mr. Tambovsky was able to repair it beautifully, cleaned it up so that it shined, and reset my sound post. My violin now sounds better than ever before. The repair didn’t take long and he even loaned me another violin to use it overnight. He makes violins, too. They are beautiful and have a clean, bright sound. I highly recommend this shop for repairs Ed and violin shopping! Thank you, Mr. Tambovsky.
Being a professional violinist himself, Mr. Tambovsky does an excellent quality of work on string instruments. You can spend hours at his music store in West Palm Beach, FL while being mesmerized by the variety of wonderful professional string instruments which he has to offer. I was so stunned after receiving my own adjusted violin - the sound was totally transformed. Besides, I was impressed by the great work on my bow after being re-haired. Highly recommend Mr. Tambovsky, and his music store! Thank you very much for all you do, Mr. Tambovsky! ~Benita D. (Master in Music, Lynn Conservatory of Music)
Just 1 word! AMAZING!!!!!!!!
Great service and fair price!
Mr. Tambovsky did a wonderful job on my violin repair. He sent my instrument back to me quickly and safely. I have enjoyed playing his instrument for many years. I highly recommend Tambovsky Strings.
Fantastic owner. Best service in town. Strongly recommended.
Mr Tambrovski did some work for me on my cello bridge. I was very satisfied with the repairs and adjustments he made to my instrument. I found him to be courteous and professional. I highly recommend him.
Mr.Tambovsky is a true professional in his field (which I already expected knowing he is from Russia), makes wonderful instruments and can repair them to like-brand new state. My son broke my expensive violin and nobody could ever tell now, thanks to mr. Tambovsky. I can highly recommend his services!
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