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Nikolai is a master artisan and luthier. Beautiful workmanship on his own instruments, and a full line of student models.
Nikolai Tambovsky took the time to play several violins for me on FaceTime on a Sunday evening to help me choose the right fit for me. This level of quality customer care to equal his quality craftsmanship.

I’m so happy with my choice and with the quality of my new violin. It’s truly an amazing instrument with a rich and cheerful sound! It’s also the most beautiful violin I’ve ever owned. I’m already in love with it.
Here lives a Russian gentleman with a passion and talent for violin. He is very friendly and polite. The door to the shop might be a bit hard to find. You should call in advance before visiting – in case he is out in a pub/restaurant nearby.
Amazing person. Nikolai is very reasonable and a Master at his craft. Very pleased with his service....
The Cello arrived in perfect condition!—it is beautiful! Even more noteworthy, the seller is excellent and professional. He is also knowledgeable, and that made a huge difference in our experience. He was willing to show me several different instruments via FaceTime—perfect if you’re very busy. So, if you, someone you know, your precious son(s) or daughter(s) need(s) an instrument, Tambovsky will work patiently with you. I trusted the seller and he provided everything that he said he would. His level of professionalism is unmatched. I would definitely do business with Tambovsky Strings for all of my string needs.
He is one of the finest stringed instrument maker in the country!
We were looking to renting two violins for our children and we found Tambovsky Strings online. Nikolai provided an excellent and highly experienced service - so much so that at the end of the day we bought a violin for our son at a more than reasonable price. We highly recommend Tambovsky Strings and look forward to visiting Nikolai's shop again when next we visit Florida.
I bought the violin which Mr. Tambovsky chose for my daughter. It is the violin made by him and it sounds powerful, bright and clear. We've l loved it since the first day it arrived. Mr. Tambovsky is very kind and his responses are very quick. He also listened to our needs very carefully. Actually, he sent us the violin on the same day we talked on the phone. We really appreciate what he showed and offered us. I highly recommend this place.
Such a lovely shop. Beautiful instruments to choose from, and nice friendly service.

We had our son’s violin repaired here. They did a great job, very quickly.
As a professional cellist living in Florida, I've finally found a first-class luthier to keep my instrument healthy! I spent a few hours with Nikolai just the other day and he was able to quickly diagnose and repair a strident buzz which had made my beautiful fiddle sound like a prepared piano. Now the cello is in tip top shape again. I'll make the long drive to WPB whenever necessary in the future.

As well, I played a number of his cellos while waiting and was eminently impressed at their quality: all had warm, full tone, with great ease of execution, and I will definitely direct friends and colleagues to consider them.

Thank you for everything and I'll look forward to our next meeting!
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