Handmade musical instruments


Just 1 word! AMAZING!!!!!!!!
This shop has been tremendously helpful in my musical pursuit. It was reccomended by an old teacher of mine and I have since come to Mr. Tambovsky for all my string needs. They are very knowledgeable and patient ensuring the highest quality I have ever experienced. Always the best!
Mr.Tambovsky is a true professional in his field (which I already expected knowing he is from Russia), makes wonderful instruments and can repair them to like-brand new state. My son broke my expensive violin and nobody could ever tell now, thanks to mr. Tambovsky. I can highly recommend his services!
I can recommend Tambovsky Strings highly enough. I have spent hours here over the last year and as a beginner interested in learning to play and enjoy the violin, have had the pleasure of such wonderful attention and patience from Mr Tambovsky himself. He has literally educated me starting with the basics of what to look for when deciding to purchase a quality instrument. He also just as caringly used his master's hand to evaluate and repair several of more basic student instruments that I already owned that needed attention. And, his fees for services and products are very reasonable. I am well pleased with my experiences here and will return as I have my eye on one hanging on the wall that make me sound far better than I dreamed I could.
I am Kyle Matzkow I just purchased an amazing cello sounds amazing feels good very light wait. The price in very good I got a bow Rodin everything! I suggest you go here to buy anything or Oder it online u really will not regret it! -Kyle, Andy
A very compassionate and generous violin maker. We have a family ensemble and sing and play in nursing homes, hospitals, homes, churches, shopping centers, stores, on the streets, and many other places regularly.
Nikolai Tambovsky gave my sister a viola he had just finished. We tried out different violas and chose the sound of the one. He then gave it without hesitation, which was amazing.
What a blessing and what a beautiful sound! It has already been a blessing to people. My sister really enjoys it. Her eyes just shine when she plays it. This was also our first viola and changed our arrangement of instruments to have a fuller sound. God bless you, Mr. Tambovsky! We appreciate your gift very much! Thank you!!
Thank you also for many many more people that will also be blessed and touched by it!
Thank you, Nikolai, for your kind and professional service. When I first entered your shop, filled with your beautiful, hand-crafted stringed instruments, I was in awe. Now I feel fortunate to own one such cello. And I smile when I play it!!!
The owner was very knowledgeable about his craft and was warm and friendly to us right before closing time. Highly recommend this store to anyone looking to be properly guided on music.
Five star customer service skill excellent very knowledgeable
Mr Tambrovski did some work for me on my cello bridge. I was very satisfied with the repairs and adjustments he made to my instrument. I found him to be courteous and professional. I highly recommend him.
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