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This is the perfect place to get a violin or a cello. The man who owns this business is a professional and a gentle that knows his craft. He demonstrated mastery of the violin and helped me make a choice on a perfect violin for me. He even referred me to a teacher in case I needed a teacher to my joy! Go to Tambovsky's Strings if you're serious about advancing your career in music, regardless if you're a beginner or expert.
Absolutely amazing. He is kind and thoughtful and understanding. I highly recommend going here than any other music shop.
I bought the violin which Mr. Tambovsky chose for my daughter. It is the violin made by him and it sounds powerful, bright and clear. We've l loved it since the first day it arrived. Mr. Tambovsky is very kind and his responses are very quick. He also listened to our needs very carefully. Actually, he sent us the violin on the same day we talked on the phone. We really appreciate what he showed and offered us. I highly recommend this place.

In 2020, one of the bows got damaged by accident. Immediately after the incident, I talked to Mr. Tambovsky for help. on the same day, he came up with a solution. We are so happy with his support and understanding of the problem and we are so amazed how soon he helped us out. I have never seen the service like this before. Tambovsky strings is the best of all!
We have both rented and purchased a violin from Tambovsky Strings. We have been a customer for about four years. Mr. Tambovsky's business is one that you always want to go back to because he will work within your budget and will take good care of you. The quality of his instruments is outstanding. Mr. Tambovsky truly stands behind his instruments and his customer service is outstanding. We highly recommend renting or purchasing string instruments from Tambovsky Strings. Our son loves his violin and enjoys playing it!
Nikolai Tambovsky is incredible ! he was very kind and helpful.
We just purchased a Cello & Violin for my kids. You have to see the smile of both of them. They are so happy.
The only place to purchase a string instrument
Mr. Tambovsky offered our daughter to try out several full-sized violins to choose from. Blindly, she picked one of his own instruments. What a great choice she made! The quality of the craftsmanship is on pair with the depth and cleanliness of the sound. Needless to say, you would get the most personalized customer service!
This shop has been tremendously helpful in my musical pursuit. It was reccomended by an old teacher of mine and I have since come to Mr. Tambovsky for all my string needs. They are very knowledgeable and patient ensuring the highest quality I have ever experienced. Always the best!
Mr.Tambovsky is a true professional in his field (which I already expected knowing he is from Russia), makes wonderful instruments and can repair them to like-brand new state. My son broke my expensive violin and nobody could ever tell now, thanks to mr. Tambovsky. I can highly recommend his services!
Just 1 word! AMAZING!!!!!!!!
I can recommend Tambovsky Strings highly enough. I have spent hours here over the last year and as a beginner interested in learning to play and enjoy the violin, have had the pleasure of such wonderful attention and patience from Mr Tambovsky himself. He has literally educated me starting with the basics of what to look for when deciding to purchase a quality instrument. He also just as caringly used his master's hand to evaluate and repair several of more basic student instruments that I already owned that needed attention. And, his fees for services and products are very reasonable. I am well pleased with my experiences here and will return as I have my eye on one hanging on the wall that make me sound far better than I dreamed I could.
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