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Mr. Tambovsky was very helpful with some stuff we needed done for my son's bass before heading back to FSU as a top double bass player for summer classes very soon. Will definitely make him our main luthier from now on. Thank you so much, Mr. Tambovsky.
I decided to go back and study Cello after being a beginning student about 12 years ago. I thought I was purchasing a quality instrument on-line, but when I received the instrument, I knew something was wrong with it, as something was rolling around inside of the instrument. I looked up Nicolai Tambovsky, and he showed me that the cello arrived with a large crack down the front. I returned the internet instrument, realizing there is nothing like seeing and speaking to a person who brings honor to the luthier craft. After speaking with Nicolai, and looking around at his lovely shop, I realized that I wanted to purchase an instrument from him. He makes all of his instruments: violins, violas and cellos. He was so kind, professional and honest, and I felt confident that he was genuinely interested in my getting a cello that would work for me. I am a beginner in playing cello, but I have been a music teacher for over 20 years, and I intend to do everything to let others know that Tambovsky Strings is a hidden jewel for those who want to play with quality instruments. Thanks to Mr. Nicolai Tambovsky, I am excited to work on my new quest to play my beautiful hand-made, new cello! If you want a violin, viola or cello with a beautiful sound, please check out Tambovsky Strings, at 1500 Clare Avenue in West Palm Beach, FL 33401. You will never be disappointed!
If you need a beautifully, hand-crafted, violin, viola, cello, or upright bass, OR if you need your instrument repaired or modified, Tambovsky Strings is THE place in South Florida to go. Nikolai Tambovsky is a master Luthier and makes beautiful instruments that will last you a lifetime. He builds them right here in West Palm Beach. He provides fast, friendly, reliable service at a reasonable price. We just bought one of his cellos for our daughter. As she progresses we can trade it in for a higher end model and he will credit us the purchase price for the original cello...although I think this one will last her forever. You’ll get way, way more for your money than going to a box store and getting an instrument made in China. Thank you Nikolai for the awesome cello.
Nikolai is a master artisan and luthier. Beautiful workmanship on his own instruments, and a full line of student models.
Nikolai Tambovsky took the time to play several violins for me on FaceTime on a Sunday evening to help me choose the right fit for me. This level of quality customer care to equal his quality craftsmanship.

I’m so happy with my choice and with the quality of my new violin. It’s truly an amazing instrument with a rich and cheerful sound! It’s also the most beautiful violin I’ve ever owned. I’m already in love with it.
Here lives a Russian gentleman with a passion and talent for violin. He is very friendly and polite. The door to the shop might be a bit hard to find. You should call in advance before visiting – in case he is out in a pub/restaurant nearby.
Amazing person. Nikolai is very reasonable and a Master at his craft. Very pleased with his service....
The Cello arrived in perfect condition!—it is beautiful! Even more noteworthy, the seller is excellent and professional. He is also knowledgeable, and that made a huge difference in our experience. He was willing to show me several different instruments via FaceTime—perfect if you’re very busy. So, if you, someone you know, your precious son(s) or daughter(s) need(s) an instrument, Tambovsky will work patiently with you. I trusted the seller and he provided everything that he said he would. His level of professionalism is unmatched. I would definitely do business with Tambovsky Strings for all of my string needs.
He is one of the finest stringed instrument maker in the country!
We were looking to renting two violins for our children and we found Tambovsky Strings online. Nikolai provided an excellent and highly experienced service - so much so that at the end of the day we bought a violin for our son at a more than reasonable price. We highly recommend Tambovsky Strings and look forward to visiting Nikolai's shop again when next we visit Florida.
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