Tambovsky Strings provides high quality services for string players in the Palm Beach area. Nikolai is a distinguished violin maker with profound knowledge for tone and projection. I recommend him to colleagues and students for his outstanding workmanship and personal integrity.

-- Hristo Popov, D. Mus.
Tambovsky Strings provides great quality instruments and accessories, and Mr. Tambovsky is a very knowledgable and helpful especially for me as a local string teacher.
My violin pegs were worn and kept slipping every time I tried to tune my violin. He shaped and drilled new pegs I bought off Amazon and installed a new sound post. I didn't even know I needed a new sound post, but my violin sounds richer and fuller thanks to him and Alexander. (Always call before going. They work by appointment only. Their work place is on the seedier part of town alongside a stretch of warehouses, but don't let that scare you because it's worth it.)
I bought two violins there. They worked so well for my kids. Mr. Tambovsky is very professional and answered all my questions. I highly recommend this place.
Mr. Tambovsky did an amazing job on two of my cellos. On one of them he changed the bridge and the sound post and somehow made my cello sound fuller and brighter than ever before. My second cello he essentially rebuilt, from ground up and that instrument has served me well for several years now. This luthier has eliminated wolf both my instrument. I am pleasantly surprised at how well my cello sounds after being at his shop. I am considering buying one of the cellos Mr. Tambovsky currently made, I am in the process of trying it out, and that cello seems to be a very promising instrument with great tone, fast response and overall ease of playing. I strongly recommend his services to any string player.
Just a word of thanks to Mr. Nikolai & Alexander for the awesome repair to my violin. The side of the scroll was broke, I figured it was only good for firewood, not only did I get it back repaired as if it had never been broken but sounded even better than before. Mr. Nikolai, may God continue you bless your business & family. Thanks again, your friend, Gary Teeter
As a music director, I've known and worked with Nikolai and Alexander for several years now. They excellent to work with, prompt, respectful and highly professional. They offer excellent competitive prices on instruments, and his repair work comes in at a very reasonable price point. He does great bow re hairs as well. Highly recommended!!
Great for string instruments. By appointment
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