VIOLIN BY ARTISTIC VIOLIN SHOP, Copy of A. Stradivarius Model, size 4/4

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Nikolai Tambovsky is a violin maker who has extensive experience in making violins, violas, cellos and basses. Since 1990 he successfully works in the United States and makes violins, violas, cellos and basses with a unique sound that helps musicians to achieve results.

Has unique knowledge in the details of performing skills because he himself is a professional violinist who has a master degree from the Kiev Conservatory of Music. Worked and performed in an symphony orchestra, string quartet, and as a soloist. Also has diplomas of the winner of violin makers competitions.

Master level of work and artistic skills turn his instruments a work of art. Special achievements in instrument acoustic sound quality and ease of playing-ability.


  • 4/4
Nikolai Tambovsky Artistic Violin Shop
Nikolai Tambovsky Artistic Violin Shop, Handmade Instrument Copy of A. Stradivarius Model

How to listen to, select, and buy or rent your violin, viola or cello without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Dear customer,

I want to share with you the experience of how to without spending a lot of your time, or If you live in another State, you can visit my store virtually on the Internet, see and hear the sound, select and pick up a musical instrument you like for purchase or rent.

You can find on my website musical instrument you would like to buy or rent to your affordable price. Then you can contact me video by: FaceTime, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp. I can imagine you several musicals instrument, you like in your price range, Show them to you and play on them, Also, we can discuss all the details.

This service by virtual appointment, because I must have time for you to show and tell.

Call or text for virtual appointment:

Tel: +1 (561) 267-62-05

As an example I can give you one review from my clients:

Janice Ramirez

The Cello arrived in perfect condition!—it is beautiful! Even more noteworthy, the seller is excellent and professional. He is also knowledgeable, and that made a huge difference in our experience. He was willing to show me several different instruments via FaceTime—perfect if you’re very busy. So, if you, someone you know, your precious son(s) or daughter(s) need(s) an instrument, Tambovsky will work patiently with you. I trusted the seller and he provided everything that he said he would. His level of professionalism is unmatched. I would definitely do business with Tambovsky Strings for all of my string needs.

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