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Violin NTVS 2020 size 4/4

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12 months warranty

FaceTimeYou can find on my website musical instrument you would like to buy or rent to your affordable price. You can connect with me by video: FaceTime, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp.

Return and exchange - no problemYou can return the items purchased within 14 days. The goods must be in normal condition and have all the factory packages.

Different payment methodsDifferent payment methods - you can pay for your order with cash, check, bank transfer, credit card, or Payment at the time of the order.

Best priceWe are proud of our low price because Nikolai Tambovsky is the violin master who makes and services the violins. There is no middleman or distributer and we can keep the price convenient for us and the buyer.


These instruments are traditionally made from 3 types of wood: spruce, maple, and ebony, the wood for making violins,viola’s and cellos must be dried for at least five years. 

The top plate is always made out of spruce because from all of the types of regular woods spruce is the most resonant and hard enough that it can withstand all of the needed pressure. On the sides, the lower plate, and the scroll, maple wood is used. 

Maple wood has the most resonance of all hardwoods. The fingerboard is made of ebony wood because it is very durable and can withstand the pressure from your fingers and the instruments vibration. The arching and thicknesses of the instruments plates are created using chisels and small planes, then adjusted and perfected with the help of a scraper and sandpaper. 

Varnish is applied on the instrument using a paint brush and a paint spray. The color of the varnish is achieved using aniline pigment dyes and a very clear lacquer that is mixed in the necessary proportions. 

The setup of the instrument is an important step because this will determine how comfortable the instrument is to play on, and sound that it produces. 

The setup process includes installing the soundpost, bridge, strings, adjusting the height of the strings, and the oval of the bridge. If an instrument is professionally setup, it is very comfortable and easy to play on.

All Tambovskiy Strings violins, violas and cellos are in magnificent playable condition.

Violins, Viola’s, Cello’s

Labeled “Tambovsky strings” 

Beginner, advanced, intermediate

How to listen to, select, and buy or rent your violin, viola or cello without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Dear customer,

I want to share with you the experience of how to without spending a lot of your time, or If you live in another State, you can visit my store virtually on the Internet, see and hear the sound, select and pick up a musical instrument you like for purchase or rent.

You can find on my website musical instrument you would like to buy or rent to your affordable price. Then you can contact me video by: FaceTime, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp. I can imagine you several musicals instrument, you like in your price range, Show them to you and play on them, Also, we can discuss all the details.

This service by virtual appointment, because I must have time for you to show and tell.

Call or text for virtual appointment:

Tel: +1(561)2676205
E-mail: nikolaitambovsky@gmail.com

As an example I can give you one review from my clients:

Janice Ramirez

The Cello arrived in perfect condition!—it is beautiful! Even more noteworthy, the seller is excellent and professional. He is also knowledgeable, and that made a huge difference in our experience. He was willing to show me several different instruments via FaceTime—perfect if you’re very busy. So, if you, someone you know, your precious son(s) or daughter(s) need(s) an instrument, Tambovsky will work patiently with you. I trusted the seller and he provided everything that he said he would. His level of professionalism is unmatched. I would definitely do business with Tambovsky Strings for all of my string needs.

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Payment plan is available

What is the payment plan, for example:

  • full price $1,500

  • 25% down payment (security deposit) - $375

  • monthly payment for: 12 months- $93.75 or 18 months- $62.5

What are the advantages of renting or an easy payment plan?
You will have a month to play the violin, show it to your teacher, and later make a purchase decision. Possible installment terms can be set up to 24 months.

What happens if I don't like the instrument within the first month of use?
If you don't like the violin, you return it and immediately get back your security deposit.

Why Do Buyers Choose Tambovsky Strings?
The violin maker and professional violinist of 40 years, Nikolai Tambovsky, has developed unique sound dynamics for the Violin, Cello, and Viola. These dynamics complement and engage the musician at any level to enjoy and continue practicing. Tambovsky Strings brand instruments are highly appreciated by customers and sound in many orchestras around the world. The ideology of the Tambovsky Strings brand is an individual approach to the buyer: choosing the perfect instrument at an affordable price.

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