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In order to have perfectly virtuoso playing the violin and not much practice, you must have a quality instrument. If you choose the wrong instrument, you will not grow or enjoy your playing and learning. A quality violin convenient to play personally for you, has the following qualities:

  • Deep, clear sound
  • Easy tuning
  • Comfortable chin rest and shoulder rest for easy to hold the violin
  • Effortless sound output
  • Good sound dynamics from forte to piano
  • Good bow chooses personally (or professional violin maker)

You can find a cheap violin anywhere - at a flea market, internet marketplace or in music stores. They are cheap because they are not made by skilled craftsmen and are often made from poor quality, untreated wood. As a result, these instruments are difficult to tune, uncomfortable to play, and sound terrible. The frustration of playing a poor-quality instrument often results in a lack of interest in learning, and, in most cases, the cost of the right replacement parts can be higher than the cost of the cheapest instrument.

The purchase of a good-sounding instrument is often hindered by the price. 

We can provide a resolution that combines the desire for high-quality sound and convenient use with affordable price using payment by installments. 

How you can buy a violin with Tambovsky Strings To buy a Violin 010-F NTVS 2020 size 4/4 violin:

  • You would pay $ 240 refundable security deposit
  • You would pay $ 60 for the first month of rental
  • During the first month of playing a new instrument, you have time to decide if you'd like to purchase the instrument.
  • If you choose to buy, your refundable security deposit and rent payment count as the down payment 
  • There will be an option to pay by installments within 12 to 24 months.
  • The violin is yours. Enjoy the high quality of Tambovsky Strings brand products!

What are the advantages of renting or an easy payment plan?
Paying in installments reduces your financial risk by incurring a small monthly fee for a high quality instrument. This removes the potential burden of paying the full price of the instrument and trying to sell it when it is no longer in use. With our unique program, you can play on a high quality instrument without the burden of immediate purchase costs. You will have a month to play the violin, show it to your teacher, and later make a purchase decision. Possible installment terms can be set up to 24 months. What happens if I don't like the instrument within the first month of use? If you don't like the violin, you return it and immediately get back your $ 240 security deposit 

 Why Do Buyers Choose Tambovsky Strings? 
The violin maker and professional violinist of 40 years, Nikolai Tambovsky, has developed unique sound dynamics for the Violin, Cello, and Viola. These dynamics complement and engage the musician at any level to enjoy and continue practicing. Tambovsky Strings brand instruments are highly appreciated by customers and sound in many orchestras around the world. The ideology of the Tambovsky Strings brand is an individual approach to the buyer: choosing the perfect instrument at an affordable price. 

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