Handmade musical instruments


Instruments previously purchased from Tambovsky Strings are guaranteed to be accepted as a trade-in toward future purchase(s). 100% of the instrument’s original sales price will be credited to the new purchase, subject to following conditions:

Terms & Conditions

The instrument remains in the same condition as when originally sold by Tambovsky Strings. Normal wear and tear, such as wear to bow hair, strings, fingerboard, bridge, pegs, minor scratches, and open seams are acceptable. Moderate to major damage such as cracks, broken necks, broken edges, corners, sound post splits, etc…, may either void the trade guarantee or result in a reduction of the instrument’s value, at the sole judgment of Tambovsky Strings.

A service fee will be assessed as follows:

Violin, Viola $95
Cello $195
Bass $295

*Note, prices are subject to change, depending on work, and material involved.

Bows will be accepted at 10% of the original value if in good condition. The cost of any necessary repairs will be deducted as follows:

Cleaning, Polish $25 – $50
Rehair $55 – $65
New Tip $125 – $159
New Winding $100 – $120
Camber $60 – $75

*Instruments currently in the rental program are exempt from these service fees as the cost for maintenance is covered in the rental insurance charges.

This guarantee is fully transferable, provided the instrument is accompanied by an original sales invoice and/or certificate of sale.

Any new purchase must total an amount greater than that of the trade-in value. We also accept trade-ins on other items, including bows and instruments not originally purchased at Tambovsky Strings. Please contact us for details.